Refrigerated cold storage. Gas refrigerator diagram. Continental refrigeration

Refrigerated Cold Storage

refrigerated cold storage

    cold storage
  • in a state of abeyance or postponement

  • The keeping of something in a refrigerator or other cold place for preservation

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  • refrigerated storage for preservation

  • The temporary postponement of something

  • made or kept cold by refrigeration; "keep the milk refrigerated"; "a refrigerated truck"

  • (refrigeration) deliberately lowering the body's temperature for therapeutic purposes; "refrigeration by immersing the patient's body in a cold bath"

  • (of a vehicle or container) Used to keep or transport food or drink in a chilled condition

  • (refrigeration) the process of cooling or freezing (e.g., food) for preservative purposes

  • (of food or drink) Chilled, esp. in a refrigerator

refrigerated cold storage - ISO 5524:1991,

ISO 5524:1991, Tomatoes -- Guide to cold storage and refrigerated transport

ISO 5524:1991, Tomatoes -- Guide to cold storage and refrigerated transport

This International Standard gives guidance on the operations to be carried out before and the conditions to be met during the cold storage and refrigerated transport of tomatoes [Lycopersicon lycopersicum (L.) Karsten ex Farw., syn. Lycopersicon esculentum Miller nom. cons., syn. Solanum lycopersicum L.], for maintaining quality and avoiding deterioration.These recommendations are not applicable to tomatoes intended for industrial processing. This title may contain less than 24 pages of technical content.

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Not a bad place to be...

Not a bad place to be...

On a hot and humid day, a refrigerated storage warehouse is an all right place to pass some time. Robert, the truck driver, leans in to cool off.

Cold Dome

Cold Dome

One of the warehouses at the local cold storage facilities. I often see semi-trucks full of ice cream rolling in and out of there.

refrigerated cold storage

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